Always prioritizing service quality and customer satisfaction on top, Mina Catering has been ongoing effort to improve the quality of our products and services to meet the diverse requirements from customers for 19 years. In order to succeed, we are looking for dedicated working team and have a strong passion of food.

With the slogan The professional and devoted caterer, we would like to invite candidates who have a strong passion and willing serve with heart to join our team. Mina Catering always creates conditions for our employees to work in a professional environment, trained by leading experts, have income levels in line with qualification and have opportunities for promotion.

If you have a strong passion for the culinary industry and accept challenges, do not hesitate to apply for the appropriate positions at Mina Catering to become a member of us, contribute to the construction of Vietnamese culinary identity and improve the quality of life for the community.

Position Location Salary Deadline
Service Staff HCMC 3-5 million 30/11/2015
Industrial Food Production Management HCMC 3-5 million 30/11/2015
Vice-cook HCMC 3-5 million 30/11/2015
Business Development Project Staff HCMC 5-7 million 30/11/2015
Truck Driver HCMC 3-5 million 30/11/2015
Service Leader HCMC 3-5 million 30/11/2015
Quality Control Management HCMC 5-7 million 30/11/2015
Chef HCMC 7-10 million 30/11/2015
Branch Manager HCMC 12-15 million 30/11/2015